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Over the past 20 years volunteering has become a very big part of Nepal and Nepali society. It has achieved some very great things, helped many people and introduced vast improvements into the country. But it has also created some problems with certain companies seeing this field as a way of making money rather than helping the people you volunteer with.
As one of the founders of EHN I ask any potential volunteer to ask questions at the placement you volunteer with, if you think improvements can be made then tell us so we can help bring them into action.
EHN was created to be an organization for volunteers from just a website and a small office in the back room of Raj`s house in 2010 and in just three short years we have achieved so much. But with your help we can achieve so much more so please if you volunteer through us then share your ideas, thoughts and projects and if we can make them work in Nepal we will do so.

Wayne Guttridge

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